Julie grew up singing and playing piano, flute, and violin in Warren, Pennsylvania.  She performed English madrigals and sacred tunes for choral performances, and classical and pop pieces for orchestra and band. 

Additional musical influences included listening to big band records with her parents; hard rock, pop and Christian bands of the 1980s with friends; and 50s, 60s, and 70s rock and blues records with her older brothers. 

When Julie was a music major in college she witnessed a friend’s tragic death.  Her faith in God was shaken and her dreams were clouded.  After graduation she was introduced to guided imagery through music, which helped her to process her trauma.  She pursued a second degree in music therapy and was reintroduced to the healing power of songwriting.  In her songwriting, she moves from humor and simple lessons of life and relationships to the weighty topics of faith and hope.  

Her path through her music career has been an interesting one:  She’s worked as a board-certified music therapist; developed a cover tune program for senior care audiences called Sentimental Journey; has written an inspirational speaking and original song program called Catch a Falling Dream and a faith-based program Songs for the Savior, which includes stories behind many favorite hymns.    

In 2019, Julie returned to producing her own music and with a nudge from the 2020 pandemic and the Lord’s guidance, moved back to her Western PA roots with her husband.  Since then, she started My Father’s Music Production, specializing in custom songwriting for children and adults.  In this newest musical journey, she is inspired by the Father’s love, creating special songs for unique stories.  It’s a perfect blend of her music therapy, songwriting, and production experience.  Visit www.myfathersmusicproduction.com and reach out to julie@myfathersmusicproduction.com for more details. 

In November, 2022, she was blessed to begin performing live again, for senior care facilities, senior centers and churches in Northwestern PA.  She started with her Christmas program, then Sentimental Journey, Songs for the Savior, From Easter Bunny to Empty Tomb: A Pilgrimage to Truth, and Sounds of Liberty.  You can learn more about these programs here:  Music Programs

You can also visit the home page and enter your email address to sign up for Julie’s mailing list.  You’ll stay up to date with her musical adventures and you can download a free copy of her original song “Immanuel” (written in 2010 and inspired by her breast cancer diagnosis).