"Julie, thank you so much for doing the music message at church yesterday.  Many comments from folks about how uplifting your presentation was. Take care and God Bless you and your ministry."
Tom Crawford, Falls Creek Presbyterian Church


"I first asked Julie to do a performance at the recommendation of a coworker.  She had such a beautiful voice that I continued to utilize her talents and recommend her to others over the past 6 years.  She has only gotten better with each performance.  Julie has a folky sound to her voice and a passion that can be felt in each song.  She not only plays and sings well, but has a story about each song, which keeps our community members engaged.  Her playlists have great variety ranging all through the decades, so it reaches a multitude of music preferences.  Julie encourages her audience to sing a long and participate with her, not just watch the show. This truly is a calling for her and anyone who is lucky enough to have her in their community will have no trouble seeing what an incredibly talented musician and wonderful person she is." 
Tara Powell, AC-BC, LNHA, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Bethesda Hawthorne Place, St. Louis, MO 

“Never in my life have I heard someone whistle a tune like you do!”
“It's so fascinating to hear the stories behind some of my favorite songs.  So many things I never knew!” 

"You enunciate so clearly; you're very easy to understand when you're speaking and singing" 
"It's so obvious that you love what you do.  It really shows how much you care about your audience."  
"It's truly amazing how much interaction you get!"
"Love your voice and your demeanor.  So calm and soothing!"  
Comments from audience members


"I was blessed to hear Julie’s program, "Catch a Falling Dream" at a women’s Bible study.  Julie’s singer-songwriter style and engaging voice drew me into the journey of her life as she weaved it together through song. What an inspirational story of how life can bring great challenge, heartache and trials, but how Julie overcame fear and obstacles with the strength of special people and the healing grace of God. What a beautiful, hope-giving performance; a special light of encouragement in these unprecedented times of uncertainty and fear."  
Donna S., St. Peters, MO                                     


 Honest lyrics from an honest heart and a transparent sense of artistry that invites you in. A joy... 
Brad Eberly, Executive Pastor, Calvary Chapel Surprise, Surprise, AZ 

I've seen Julie grow as a songwriter and musician over the years. I admire her dedication and inspiration. A true talent unleashed. 
Jesse Stokes, Performing Artist for Fender 2010 at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants)

"I can feel the depths from where you wrote this!!  Beautiful!" 
"Thank you so much.  What a powerful song!  I had a difficult morning and it helped to listen to your song."
"I love this song, Julie!  Beautifully written!  Very powerful!  Thank you for sharing it with me!"
"Outstanding song and I love your voice!!!" 
"I don't even know what to say.  So beautiful I have chills.  Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me.  Truly special!!!"   "Looking forward to hearing more of your music!  You're such a talented songwriter."   
Comments from fans