My Father's Music Production

Inspired by the Father's love, creating special songs for unique stories

"If you have someone important in your life who deserves the world, have a song written about them, it's amazing!"   
I can personally agree with this statement from a recent custom song client.  When I was in grade school, a friend gave me a custom song for my birthday.  It made me feel incredibly special and I've never forgotten that gift, or that silly song.  Believe it or not, my Mom recently gave me that little record and my original record player from the early 1980s!  What amazing treasures she saved!!

As founder and CEO of My Father’s Music Production, I specialize in custom songwriting for children and adults.  I draw upon a decade of experience as a board-certified music therapist and my strong empathic skills to enter into my client's stories.  This leads to a high-touch and personalized experience.  I've been told "you're so easy to talk to", the process was "cathartic" and "healing", and watching the recipient react to their song was "priceless".       

I write warm blanket songs to decrease anxiety; coping/inspirational songs to help process a difficult life situation such as divorce; memorial songs to celebrate a loved one’s life; anniversary, wedding, proposal, birthday, or other special occasion songs; theme songs for a brand or Youtube channel, silly songs just for fun, and (add your idea here, I'm up for new creative adventures!!)   

The songs below were customized from scratch (melody, lyrics, arrangement and production) after a zoom call with the client.  Both  full production and acoustic versions are available for this type of song.  $800 for full production; $400 for acoustic versions.    
Another option is customizable songs:   fully produced songs that you can customize the lyrics for, $200.  I started to add this option in September, 2022, so check back here often as I add new songs for you:  Customizable Songs 
Contact for more details and to schedule a no-obligation consultation call.  

I look forward to talking to you!  

Next Time We're Together

Next Time We're Together was a gift from a Dad to his daughter, to give her strength and courage when they're
apart.  Harper loves to play, is fascinated with Bethany Hamilton and surfing, and plays "hospital" with her dolls, using her amazing imagination and toy medical equipment to take care of them.  One of Andrew's favorite memories of his daughter is her knocking on the upstairs wall in the morning, then him answering back from the kitchen, in their own loving "morse code" as she makes her way down the stairs to the kitchen for breakfast.  The lyric“you’re knocking on the wall of my heart” was inspired by that!  Custom songs aren't available to the public unless the client agrees.  This client was happy to share, so you can listen on all streaming platforms.