Schedule a no-obligation consultation call (video is best), to get your questions answered about your specific project.  If we decide we're not a good fit, that's fine.  If we decide to move forward on your project, then we. . .      

Schedule a custom song creation interview.  I'll email you a custom song agreement to review before our meeting.  

During the custom song creation interview, we'll review the custom song agreement, answer any questions you have, and decide on three deadlines:  first draft of acoustic version, produced draft,  and finished song project.  We'll chat about your special someone and the occasion for the song.  I love hearing people's stories, so give me as many details as you'd like, it's confidential unless you tell me otherwise, as stated in the song agreement:  "Producer will not use Client's name or other personal information about the creation of the piece unless agreed to by the Client in writing."

After I collect a down payment of 50% of the total price, I'll start working on your song!  {total price is $200 for customizable (lyrics only); $400 for simple acoustic production (2 to 3 tracks, vocals and piano/guitar); $800 for full production.}

Based on our agreed-upon deadlines, we'll schedule two video calls for you to hear the first and second drafts and make revisions.  Depending on our conversation, the final song project will be delivered in person or by video call.   

The pricing above includes a downloadable MP3 with custom album cover artwork and lyric sheet with matching artwork.  If you'd like, we can discuss other upgrades based on your project.  

I look forward to getting to know you and your special someone and making your occasion truly unique with a custom song!